The Boat Race Celebration – 2005

Seventy two members gathered at Reg and Wendy Mitchell’s residence to celebrate the Boatrace.  After watching the ITV video of the race, Mike Spracklen (head coach of the Canadian Men’s rowing team and Oxford finishing coach -in photo 15 below)) gave us some special insights to the race.   Ken Lee (Emmanuel 54) proposed the toast to Oxford on behalf of Cambridge, and Bill Gibson (New College 35 -rhs, photo 17 below)) responded.  Two members even sported their original blazers (Clive Timms – Clare 64 – photo 15 below) and (Shaun Peck – Emmanuel 58 – photo 16 below). Liberal refreshments ensured that a good time was enjoyed by all.

Some photos of the group watching the video, are available as an acrobat pdf file below:
and additional photos from Donna & Clive Timms